Freelance PR Matchmaking

It’s time consuming and haphazard for clients to find freelancers with the ideal mix of industry knowledge + experience of the kind of work needed + recent contacts. It’s just as laborious for freelancers to find precise briefs truly matched to their skillset.

That’s the problem we are solving by making the huge freelance talent pool truly searchable and taking the heavy lifting out of the process for both freelancers and clients, saving both parties time and money.

Freelancing is surging as clients increasingly want flexible, expert teams who just get stuff done. We make that easier to happen.

We only work in PR and communications.

We are niche, expert and designed by people like you, for people like you.

Every PR freelancer faces the same problems:

  • Time and money finding new clients is time I could be billing my existing ones
  • How do I find clients who truly value my experience?
  • How do I find clients whose brief is exactly in my sweet-spot?

Every PR client faces the same problems:

  • How do I find the right skills, at the right time?
  • How do I manage volatility in my business with a fixed skills resource?
  • How do I reduce the risks of hiring the wrong people?

Creating your FREELANCER profile is free

It is free to create and maintain your profile. The more you tell us about your skills, the better we can match you, so get a coffee and take it for a spin. Once you have a profile you can enjoy discounts on media databases and access preferential deals on services like professional insurance and accountancy through our partners.

Creating your client profile is free

Start your search for the PR freelancer with the perfect combination of industry knowledge, experience of the type of PR you need and recent contacts.

Independent professionals now contribute over £119 billion to UK GDP – bigger than the automotive market.

- IPSE, 2017 -

76% of all work produced in PR is in media relations planning/execution and social media.

- PRCA Census, 2016 -

81% of independent practitioners report their income either stayed the same or increased in the last 12 months.

- CIPR State of the Profession Report -