How is the Freelance PR market in 2020?


How is the Freelance PR market in 2020?

Round up of the Freelance PR market

We were asked for our opinion of the Freelance PR sector for a feature in The PR Moment and turned to some of the research we have carried out this year amongst PR freelancers.

We were very interested to learn from IPSE about the growth in the number of Freelance PR consultants between 2019 and 2020.:

“PR and media is a remarkable outlier since the number of freelancers working in this field grew by 23% between 2019 and 2020”

The view of IPSE is that competition for work will increase with the supply which is why we believe it is critical that PR freelancers use all the tools at their disposal such as Freelance PR matchmaking services like the PR Cavalry

IPSE says

“Overall, it’s a mixed picture for PR freelancers at the moment: essentially more people competing for less money. The growth in numbers does, however, at least speak to a sector that is still functioning and where there is a steady supply of work. We may also hope that when the process of economic recovery begins, freelancers across the industries, will be in the vanguard, working more and reaping the rewards.”

Here is what we had to say about the state of the Freelance PR market after the impact of Covid-19

How is the Freelance PR market in 2020?

Our polls show that the freelance market is picking up. PR freelancers were battered early on – our poll in March showed 60% of those surveyed had lost 75% of their income. This was compounded by most freelancers being excluded from government measures which have kept so many households afloat.

But things have improved rapidly.

We run a Facebook group of 3,500 Freelance PRs. Our poll in July revealed 51% of the 150 who responded had seen work recover to levels at or beyond where they were at lockdown while 31% said that some work had replaced their losses but they were not fully back to where they were.

Only 11% reported that work hadn’t returned at all.

Our platform has just done its best month for client searches.

The long-term trend towards the industry going freelance has been interrupted, not halted, and the flexibility and resourcefulness of freelancers is going to be in high demand in an economy feeling its way back to strength.

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