What We Believe

We have seen PR change – diversifying into search marketing, influencer relations, native advertising and so on. It’s an exciting time for the industry.

We’ve also seen it stay the same – the PRCA census shows 76% of PR output is concerned with media relations and social media. We should never lose sight of, or pride in what makes PR different to other marketing disciplines.

PR will always be about cutting to the essence of a story and getting it in front of the right person. Today they might be a blogger or opinion leader just as much as much a journalist, what counts is knowing who they are and what makes that person take notice.

These are high value skills and we are passionate about making it much easier for clients who recognise that value to find freelancers with the right blend of skills who are professional and proud of what they do.

We also like to put something back so with two of our founders meeting by being trustees of children’s cancer charity Kidscan – we are donating a percentage of profits to that great cause.

Four Values That Are Essential to Us


Nigel Sarbutts, The PR Cavalry
Nigel Sarbutts

Over three decades, Nigel has been the head of three PR agencies in Manchester, London and Leeds and has been an independent consultant since 2010 so he completely understands what motivates both freelancers and agencies when trying to find the right match of skills.

Having seen the traditional agency model evolve he has created The PR Cavalry to help both freelancers and agencies develop new ways of working together that play to the strengths of both parties.

Martin Keelagher, The PR Cavalry
Martin Keelagher

Martin is an investment banker by profession and runs his own venture capital and advisory business with an investment portfolio covering businesses in technology, construction and fashion.

Daniel Holgate, The PR Cavalry
Daniel Holgate

Dan is the technology lead for The PR Cavalry, developing and managing the matching algorithm, payment processes and document control. A director of Agile Automations which specialises in streamlining and automating processes that have traditionally been messy and time consuming.

Ronak Halani, The PR Cavalry
ronak halani

Ronak takes care of the front end of the website and the user experience. Co-founder of Agile Automations with a background in HR, Media, Design and Digital Publishing Ronak pushes the boundaries of user interface to improve user experience in our products.