Journolink Offer

We have partnered with JournoLink to offer you a 10% discount on all subscription packages on JournoLink. You will also be able to try the platform for free for a month by signing up through this link.

JournoLink is Cavalry PR’s chosen solution for Freelance PRs and Small Agencies.

It’s an online PR platform designed for PR professionals to manage multiple clients’ PR in one place really easily. The platform enables you to create different profiles for each of your clients and to manage all the campaigns centrally from a single account. For as little as less than £20 (plus Vat) per client per month.

The platform provides you with the following tools without any additional costs:

A press release distribution system, enabling users to send news stories to a targeted database of over 10,000 journalists
A media requests function, enabling journalists to access, through you, commentators and spokespersons from businesses relevant to the request
A media room builder, enabling you to build and manage a press page for your clients’ websites in no time at all, which automatically updates with the press releases distributed via the platform
A key news dates calendar, populated with awareness days, award programmes and other key dates, enabling you quickly to plan campaigns relevant to your clients.
Ability to access sector media lists from a global database for as little as £40
A built in client reporting function at the simple press of a button

Making your lives easier, saving you time, being more effective, very affordably.

Sign up now

By signing up via this link you will automatically get your month free and a 10% discount on the quoted prices thereafter. If the platform isn’t for you, then you can simply cancel with nothing to pay.